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Kate Darby Books 1-3

Kate Darby Books 1-3

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She learned to hate cops at an early age, thanks to her drug addicted mom, so no one would have guessed Kate Darby would become a cop when she grew up.

Patrolling the streets of Peculiar, Texas, Kate does her best to keep her town safe. She's trained to be ready for anything on a routine traffic stop, but hen she pulls a Mercedes over for running a stop sign, the fact the driver flees isn't unexpected, but the dead body in the trunk...well, that's another matter.
Kate never expected to have to investigate a murder, and she needs to prove she can handle it. For herself, and for the victim, because there will be more than one.

A female cop, a dead body in the trunk of a Mercedes, and drug cartels in a small town. The twists and turns are inevitable.
THIS NOVEL IS NOT A CLIFFHANGER, the story is complete, but there is a series arc.

(The murder IS resolved in this first installment of the Kate Darby crime fiction/hardboiled mystery series, but the series arc continues).
Fans of Robert Crais, Melinda Leigh, Kendra Elliot and Mary Burton will enjoy this series.


Something stinks in Peculiar, Texas, and it's not just the dead cop Sergeant Zane Gwilly found shortly before midnight. 

Kate Darby misses patrolling the streets of Peculiar, Texas, but she has unfinished business. And she can't have the cops knowing what she's doing.

What do the death of a drug dealer and (two months later) a cop have in common? That's what Kate and Zane need to find out.


It's been almost a year since Corporal Kate Darby nearly died after being set up by a dirty cop. 

She's physically ready to get back to her old life, to start patrolling the streets of Peculiar, Texas. But is she mentally ready?

Her first day back, she goes out on a call for a flasher, and when that flasher is also flashing a weapon, everything goes south. Now Kate needs to decide if she's mentally ready to be a cop again.


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