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Gotcha Detective Agency Box Set Books 1-3

Gotcha Detective Agency Box Set Books 1-3

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It was supposed to be a simple bodyguard job.
It turned into a murder investigation and roaming the streets of Santa Cruz with local vampires.
A New York Times bestselling author hires the Gotcha Detective Agency for protection. After being assaulted in the bathroom at a paranormal conference, the author wants a bodyguard for a book signing.
Who would have guessed killing off a beloved character in a long running series could be dangerous for an author? Or dangerous to her assistant, who has been killed?
Or was there another reason the assistant was murdered?
The private detectives work alongside detectives, with the help of LARP (life action role playing) vampires, to find the killer before someone else dies.

What readers are saying…
“This is a light and funny PI novel/mystery with interesting, well-developed characters and twists and turns.” - New York Times bestselling author Jennie Bentley
One of my favourite authors is Sue Grafton and her P.I. Kinsey Milhone. Well, she has a new rival.” – Lord D.M. Prosser


Do you know who your children are talking to online? Is that cute 16 year old boy really a 46 year old man?
When a man is found dead in his bedroom, Gotcha agent find out he's been luring in teenage girls. When a teenage girl with ties to the victim disappears, the agents race against time to find the girl and hopefully the killer in the process.


Mimi and Charles take some time off from the detective agency to help Charles' friend, Anthony DeLuca, sell his exclusive line of voodoo dolls at a trade show in San Francisco. Mimi is less than thrilled to find out Charles has invited homicide detective, Nick Christianson, to come along.
But as luck may have it, Mimi finds the the dead body of a nasty sales rep. When Anthony is implicated in the suspicious death, Mimi is back on the investigative job, and Nick goes off with his old partner at the San Francisco Police Department, to find a killer.
With so many viable suspects, who wanted this sales rep dead?

If you like your murder mysteries with a bit of snark and a dash of humor, USA Today bestselling Gotcha Detective Agency Mysteries are the crime novels for you!

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