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Gotcha Detective Agency Box Set Books 10-12

Gotcha Detective Agency Box Set Books 10-12

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Charles and Mimi are at it again. On the trail of another killer. Only this time the alleged killer is in jail, and swears he's innocent.

A known Mexican gang leader has been arrested for the murder of his fiancee, but swears he didn't do it. He's hired Mimi and Charles to find the real killer.

The Gotcha agents are on the case, and with Christmas looming, they'd like to prove their client's innocence, or solidify his guilt. Either way, they want the right person behind bars.

Lots of changes are coming to the agency, but you'll have to read this novel to find out what happens next.

The Gotcha Detective Agency novels are a fun crime series, solving a murder mystery, and learning about the lives of private detectives, and homicide detectives.


It’s spring, and yet private detective, Mimi Capurro, still hasn’t faced the proposal she received from homicide detective, Nick Christianson, at Christmas. She knows she should be making plans, but business is good, and she’s short an investigator. She’ll think about it later.

Just as things are getting on track, Mimi’s mom brings a case to Gotcha Detective Agency. Lydia’s good friend was found dead in her car almost two weeks earlier, and the police ruled it a suicide. Both Lydia and the victim’s husband think the police are wrong.

While Mimi and Lydia investigate, Charles has an investigation of his own. One he’s not sharing with the Gotcha crew.
Do Mimi and Nick have a future together, or will Charles’s investigation change their lives forever?


Nick and Mimi are happily married and settled into their new home. It all seems perfect, but is it? Somehow, just when you think life is perfect, something or someone comes along to upset the calm waters.
Charles Parks to the rescue! Or is he just meddling?
Running from your troubles is never a good idea, and yet when Charles presents Mimi with tickets for a cruise to the Virgin Islands she jumps at the chance to leave it all behind, even if it's only for a week.
In true Charles and Mimi fashion, the cruise won't be boring as they get embroiled in chaos when a cruise member goes missing.

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